Final Weekend

And the finish line approaches. 4 weeks of rehearsal, 6 weeks of performance of THE SPORTS PAGE, and I’ve loved (just about) every minute. So many people have pitched in and helped along the way, it’s been kind of amazing. Job Next is letting other theaters know about our fabulous production and asking when — not if — they’re gonna do this show.

One of the great things about the show is how many folks have come from all over to see it. Last weekend saw the arrival of relatives from South Bend, friends from high school in Dallas, my college roomie from Amarillo, pals from New York City and Austin and Denton and theater folks from Fort Worth. What a blast.

But enough of that. Let’s get back to… Publicity. Of which there is more this week. A new video from the playwrights roundtable held at the Omni Hotel and moderated by Mark Lowry of the fabulous theater blog Theater Jones. We had a good time. Enjoy a brief sample of our discourse here:

And there are just 4 performances left in the world premiere of THE SPORTS PAGE. Get your tickets here.

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