Houston Checks In

It’s always extra cool when a sportswriter — a scribe, if you will — digs THE SPORTS PAGE. It’s their world, after all, and if they enjoy it, it’s got a chance. Today John McClain, who’s been in the business in Texas since the 70’s, weighed in from Houston on his Ultimate Texans blog.

Here’s a sample:

“I will say right up front that I wish I had done what Larry Herold, a Baylor graduate who worked as a sportswriter for the Waco Tribune-Herald, has accomplished. Herold is a playwright who has written a terrific award-winning play, “The Sports Page,” that’s been running in Fort Worth the last two months.”

And this:

“The Sports Page” isn’t a football play. It transcends football. It examines society at a crucial time in America. If you’re in Fort Worth, check it out. Hopefully, it’ll come to Houston. If it does, I know it’ll be a hit. And I’ll be first in line.”

Good stuff all around. Read the full blog post here.

From blogs to video. Today TheaterJones.com posted the first in a series of videos that involve THE SPORTS PAGE. We put together a roundtable of Dallas/Fort Worth playwrights. Mark Lowry, founder of Theater Jones, sat in the moderator chair. Along with writers Jonathan Norton and Isabella Ides, I talk about what it’s like to find out a theater is going to do your new play. (Spoiler: it’s thrilling.) See the video here or just click to watch:

And there are just 6 performances left in the world premiere of THE SPORTS PAGE. Get your tickets here.

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